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We take great pride in our homes and want you to enjoy building your dream home!  We know that sometimes the process can be overwhelming. That’s why, at DeGraff Bloom, we make extra efforts to help you at every step of the home building process. Our experienced design coordinators will keep you both comfortable and informed throughout the selection and building process.


Here is how it all works:
It all starts with the selection and approval of your single family home plan. We take your specific desires and needs and implement them into a final drawing for your final approval. Once the final plan has been stamped and sent off to our supplier partners, you will receive an email from us advising that the selection process has now begun. We will contact you to set up an initial appointment to begin making your individual selections. She will be providing all our supplier partners with details of what products are already included in your contract so that when you call to make your appointments, they will be expecting your call and will be ready to assist in making your final choices.

We consider our supplier partners to be part of our team and they have worked with us for many years, so they truly understand the importance of clear communication and a satisfied customer.

Once all of your selections are made, We will send you an itemized change order, outlining any upgrades or changes to the original contract, for your approval and signature. Once that is complete, all of your final choices are passed onto the site production manager to implement them into the construction of your new home. The process is smooth and communication is thorough.

Building a new home can be an exciting and wonderful experience. Together we can build a home that is uniquely designed for you. Let’s get started.

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